Assaf is one of the hottest names in the stand-up scene. A witty, original and laugh-out-loud stand-up comedian!

A sharp, colorful and boundless comedian who sweeps the audience to re-examine absurdities. Assaf exchanges facial expressions at a trading pace and conveys a powerful comic experience that bursts with laughter!

In addition to stand-up performances, Assaf Mor Yosef appeared in many television programs, including: Comedy Star, Special Standup channel 13, Comedy Bar, the club with a strong dawn, channel 12, channel 20, Partner TV, Teddy channel, good material on Bip, savings program, Radio North, Radio South and more.

His stand-up segments and skits have reached millions of views on social networks and reactions from all over the spectrum. The show deals with experiences we all know, while maintaining wit and originality, and most importantly - insanely funny!

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